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Sonos! Where have you been all my life? January 18, 2007

Posted by pcorcoran in Link, Music, Photo, Technology.

Sonos wireless handheld controller

Sonos is exactly the answer I’ve been looking for to the problem of how to get a) the house hooked up, b) for music in every room, c) playing from my main iTunes library in the basement, d) wirelessly.

It’s not cheap. No, I take that back — it’s expensive. But I would absolutely consider it worth every penny if it works as advertised. This is going on my Christmas list as #1 (and only).



1. DBcoolDad - January 23, 2007

Sounds like a great system, but you said it is expensive. Why not just use earbuds and an iPod? Don’t you get great sound in every room, but without the expense (and without inflicting your musical tastes others in the room)? Not trying to be argumentative, just to understand what problem this technology solves (that iPods haven’t already solved)…

2. pcorcoran - January 23, 2007

As it turns out, I’ve already found a much cheaper alternative to Sonos. It suffers a bit on a feature-by-feature comparison, but the price is right:

I found a pair of Klipsch self-powered speakers which are 10″ high and 3″ wide for $99. And then I plug them into one of Apple’s Airport Express boxes, also $99, which provides the wireless bridge between the iTunes computer and the speakers. $230 per room (with tax and shipping) to provide background sound. That’s a price-point I can justify.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

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