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Music Reviewers January 19, 2007

Posted by pcorcoran in Blog, Music, Personal.
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The thing about music reviewers is that, more so than any other type of reviewer, their tastes are way out of line with those of their reader.

You can have an average appreciation for good food, decide to splurge for a posh meal recommended by a restaurant reviewer, and there’s a good chance you’ll walk out having had a great dining experience, even if perhaps not appreciated to the same extent as the reviewer did. The same holds true for book reviewers, movie reviewers, and car reviewers, to name three. And nowhere is there more satisfaction for the everyman than when following the advice of product reviewers such as Consumer Reports.

But music reviewers… they like (and listen to) some of the weirdest crap around. Maybe it’s something to do with music, where the more you are exposed to, the more jaded you become. After hearing, say, 350 female pop singers, you’re going to want to hear something more challenging. Stuff like XTC, or TV on the Radio, or Laurie Anderson — anything but more female pop singing, right?

The thing is, music reviewers tastes get so out there that it’s very rare (for me) to follow their recommendations and feel satisfied with my discovery. Maybe it’s just me?

(That said, I still read their reviews. I just have to respond with auto-skepticism until I’ve vetted the rec for myself.)


Sonos! Where have you been all my life? January 18, 2007

Posted by pcorcoran in Link, Music, Photo, Technology.

Sonos wireless handheld controller

Sonos is exactly the answer I’ve been looking for to the problem of how to get a) the house hooked up, b) for music in every room, c) playing from my main iTunes library in the basement, d) wirelessly.

It’s not cheap. No, I take that back — it’s expensive. But I would absolutely consider it worth every penny if it works as advertised. This is going on my Christmas list as #1 (and only).