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“Justice for all”? February 1, 2007

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NYTimes has an op ed piece about President Bush.  Apparently he is the first president to be convicted of a felony crime by a court of law without being arrested or even being investigated by federal law enforcement.  Nice work, if you can get it, that whole president thing.


$300 million is a lot of money. January 19, 2007

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$300 million is also how much we’re spending in Iraq every day.

(That is, of course, without putting a price tag on the 5 or so American soldiers and the 95 or so Iraqi citizens who die every day.  If we were to assume that a wrongful death suit would find an award of $1 million for each of these, then the number hits $400 million.)

Silkie (“Black-skinned”) Chicken January 17, 2007

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Silkie Chicken Dish (Tony Cenicola/The New York Times - Used without permission.)

New York Times has an article about Asian cuisines, silkie chicken, and how they are beginning to capture the attention of the NYC restaurant scene. (This is bad news for the silkie if this becomes a serious trend.)

Sounds intriguing, assuming the gamey-ness isn’t overpowering, as gamey fowl can sometimes be. One of the techniques mentioned uses Chinese five-spice ingredients to braise, adding both galanga and Coke(!) to the mix.