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Things I Want

Food mill
Living room chair
Dining room chair set
Replacement wine glasses
Fabric: recover IKEA chair
Salad bowl
Gravy separator
Flat-screen TV
New light-fixture for TV room
Network storage device
PC-based DVR



1. Virgil E. Robinson - October 27, 2010


Chess,cooking and cocktails, what else is there. Hope this message reaching you.

Looking for a Development Manager, your information suggest you have the skills. Are you consider positions at this time?

Virgil E. Robinson
Front End Developer Advocate
Phone: 408.289.8330

2. Matt Loera - November 15, 2010

There seems to be a pattern forming here.
I read your profile on LinkedIn, but could not reach you by phone.

I’m conducting a retained search for a Sr. Front End Engineer/Architect, and was hoping we could talk. Please call or email me and I’ll give you the complete prospectus.

Matt Loera
415-508-8361 work
415-410-5790 cell

p.s. I’m a “foodie” too, and printed off some of your recipes. They look terrific.

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